e-Rep and Showroom Partners

Bring Brands and their products to host on the Aisles

Add best selling items ...In Stock Programs,  or a duplicate of the brands e-Commerce site.   Brands can sell more products and increase distribution

Bring Retailers and e-Tailers to the Aisles

Revenue  share  on your brand's product sold from ALL eStores

Revenue share on ALL products sold from your eStores

Rev Share  both when your eStore sells your brand's product

Help eStores create their branded e-Commerce webstore..  Implementation is easy with our powerful widgets and  tools.  

Help eStores electronically  "click" to select Aisles Network Products from multiple Vendors.  eStores can also add their own in-stock inventory

Leverage existing showroom and multi-line Rep relationships

Extend and test assortments, size ranges  to compliment physical in-Stock Inventory

Full or Part-Time commmitment  - Stay employed

Own your own Book of Business  -  Sell options at exit

My  profile & image showcased in the Aisles Market Directory

Have a VOICE:  Blog,   post photos, video and make business happen 

The Aisles eCommerce Network creates a new channel of distribution for  Brands and a new Profit Center for Retailers.  In  addition, the Aisles is introducing a new sales channel comprised of “e-Reps" for multi-line showrooms and selected road reps.     e-Reps work with  Brands to place product on the Aisles.   e-Reps help Retailers and e-Tailers create their on-line e-Store to build a virtual e-Commerce market between  their brands products and their e-Store.     This is referred to as Business-thru-Business  to the Consumer.   (B thru B2C)
When an e-Rep's eStore (one they brought In-Network) sells Products (any product)  the e-Rep automatically shares in the consumer spend revenue  when the product is shipped.  If an e-Rep brought a Brand In-Network, they will receive another revenue split  on every product sold and shipped  by their Brand - regardless of who brought the eStore to the Aisles Network 

e-Reps do not have territories. They must APPLY and once approved, they can bring eStores and Brands "anywhere"  to the Aisles Network.    In addition to bringing on new eStores and Brands, e-Reps work with their clients to insure they are maximizing sales.    e-Reps have a profile on the Aisles Market Directory and are connected to each of their retail stores and brands.


The New Affiliate Sales Force

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Connect  with current  and new  prospective clients. 

No territory restrictions - recruit eStores & Brands from anywhere in USA

Automatic payments from the Aisles  -  for  Brands and eStore owners

Adding   products for online e-Commerce products creating  a new  profit center  without impacting the physical OTB.

Selling on the Aisles can lead to new physical client relationships and sales