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Vendors help Retailers to succeed rather than compete

Business to Business (B2B)

             Business to Consumer (B2C)


The Aisles is an innovative site that merges today's B2B and B2C markets.   The FUSION of these two markets is called Business thru Business to the Consumer  (B thru B2C)   

The uniqueness of the Aisles is the partnershp between retail stores and vendors to create one of the Nations's largest online Retail Channel.   The Aisles offers the perfect integration of the virtual and physical markets

Technology is changing everything we do.   Why shouldn't it change eCommerce?   The Aisles offers seamless retailing for both the retail merchant and the vendor with a sea of endless opportunities the web has to offer for new growth     

Our Commitment ...

The Aisles focus on content and video, plus tailored recommendations, will make it easier than ever to ensure you are ahead of the curve 

The Aisles is dedicated to providing an exceptional shopping experience for the customers of our Retail Partners and simultaneously honoring and representing the unique identity of our merchants and vendors.

The Aisles is a combination of technology and people.   The model provides three key elements for retailers and vendors looking to increase online sales - the system, the humanization of eCommerce and the expertise to make it happen 

By humanizing eCommerce, we encourage consumers to buy from people and stores they trust - not just the Internet.   This approach allows retailers and vendors to differentiate and succeed in a growing  and crowded online world. 

As the Internet continues to fundamentally change people's lives, the Aisles brings forth a new era of online retailing grasping the opportunity to achieve great growth in this market.

A New Approach to e-Commerce

A new and unique channel of distribution for vendors 

Business-thru-Business to Consumers

Retail Stores open a new profit center

More Doors means......More Sales

Retailers on the Aisles

Retailers sell products online from multiple Brands...

Full control over products, imaging, pricing & promotions

Turn existing inventory into instant revenue


Training for ...

For the Novice to the Advanced

Installation Assistance  ...

Turn-Key Custom Services ... 

1-800 Aisles Support ...

Loading Aisles inventory

Build your eCommerce store

Imaging lines for B thru B2C

Automating inventory ports

Installation implementation

Inventory loading

ERP back-eend interfaces

Email marketing and SEO analytics

Someone is always there for you!

an extension to your existing eCommerce store

Electronic distribution of eCommerce revenue share

Sales Tax, Merchant Banking, Order Processing, Reports...

The Aisles manages ALL eCommerce comlexities

New revenue opportunity without inventory expense

Electronic selection and auto-loading of products in minutes

Products selected are imaged, priced, inventoried by vendor partners 

Implementation in hours - not days

Provides merchants with a brnded turn-key  online store

Easy product loading and maintenance

The Aisles is the electronic venue of this new Business Model

to sell products through the Aisles

with NO conflict of Interest

Electrronic distribution of revenue splits  by the Aisles

Revenue share your eStore and vendor sales

Full or part-time commitment - stay employed

e-Reps now have a complimentary web strategy

Between the Stores and the Vendors

Today's traditional Reps can leverage their market contacts

For Reps and Showrooms

 e-Rep Partnering Program

Vendors focus on product placement, promotion & shipping

Electronic distribution of COG (at ship confirmation)

Latest sell page  graphics, zoom and video tools

More markets and  increase customer reach

Brands have full approval of Aisles Retail Partners

The Aisles e-Rep brings brands & retailers together

Brands on the Aisles

A New Channel of Distribution




e-Reps provide communication and interaction









Brands sell products thru multiple eCommerce stores

as well as their in-stock inventory

Build sales without stocking or owning inventory

Brands & Retailers sell more product & improve ROI 


A New Profit Center






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